Peter wanted to walk on water (Matthew 14:22-33), but he had a problem: it’s impossible. So He asked Jesus to call him to come out to Him on the water. Jesus gave him the Word: He said “Come!” And Peter walked on water! Peter didn’t have faith to walk on water (that’s a silly thing to have faith for). He had faith in Jesus, and in the word that Jesus said to him. Because of His faith in Jesus and His word, he was able to walk on water.

Walking on water is impossible. It is an insurmountable obstacle. A difficult situation. A problem! What problem do you have in your life right now? Something that might seem insurmountable or impossible to overcome? Getting or keeping that job? Getting into that school? Giving up pornography? Depression? Finding a spouse? Ministering to others? Or maybe it’s a vision that He’s given you that just seems too big. What is it in your life right now that you feel you cannot overcome? What waters do you need to be able to walk on?

What you need is a word from the Lord! Do what Peter did: call out to Jesus and ask Him to give you a word. Ask Him to communicate to you that you will indeed overcome this situation, solve this problem, or defeat this enemy. If Jesus is calling you to do something that seems impossible, then you CAN do it! Jesus originally created the waters by His word. And by His word He told Peter that he could walk on that same water. Ask Jesus to communicate to you that you can do this impossible thing. And then have faith in Him and in that word, and step out of the boat!

There is nothing you cannot do when you have a word that Jesus has spoken to you. When He calls you to do something, you can do it! He will make a way for you to overcome: to walk over the problem and come to Him.

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